Marist Senior College 50th Reunion

As part of the College’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, 85 men who were foundation students at Marist Senior College when it opened its doors at the Churchlands in 1965 were invited back to the College for a 50th reunion. Many of these had not been back to the campus for 50 years and were overjoyed to reconnect and reminisce with their former classmates over drinks and canapés in the Newman Sports Complex.

The evening began with former students taking the opportunity to tour the campus. Many were stunned at the changes that have occurred over the 50 years, for the school was originally one four storey building. In 1965 the top floor was mainly dormitory areas; the middle two floors were all classrooms; and the bottom floor was the kitchen, laundry and refectory.

To complete this special evening three former teachers also attended – Des Tuck (formerly known as Brother Bernardine), Peter Collins and Peter McGowan. Fascinating stories were fondly recalled, including planting of the grass on the football field, playing pranks on the boarders, hiding “grog” in the creek so the Brothers wouldn’t find it and having to wear moccasins to minimise wear and tear on the school’s brand-new linoleum floors.

The sense of pride and admiration people had of their time at Marist Senior College was overwhelming. Relationships were rekindled, with many promising to catch-up on a more regular basis – not leaving it 50 years between gatherings!

Sophie Fenaughty