Newsletter 3: 5 March 2019

Much has been written and spoken in the past week concerning the trials, verdict and subsequent appeal in the case of Cardinal Pell. As Marists, may we continue to pray together for the victims and survivors of child sex abuse as well as their families and loved ones. Let us also pray for justice.

As we commence the Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday this week, may we turn our minds and hearts to Jesus with intensity. This Lent, as we reflect upon the hurts and sorrows for which we seek forgiveness, let us ask Jesus to bring to the fore our better selves, compassionate, generous, thoughtful, forgiving, and hopeful. In these deeply troubling times we might look to our own story and tradition for inspiration. Despite the many very real challenges and adversity facing Saint Marcellin and the people with whom he lived and worked, deep trust in God was clearly evident, most outstanding in the joy and love for one another that was prospered. Marcellin’s dying wish for the young Christians he had gathered in the name of Mary rings loudly for us today:

See how they love one another!

May Marcellin’s credo enliven us throughout the 2019 Lenten Season.

In 2018, the Australian Province of the Marist Brothers established the first Friday of Lent as a Day of Remembrance for victims and survivors of sex abuse. Below is an excerpt from the full prayer, which is commended to you and can be found HERE.

A Lament

For sin that hurts children and the vulnerable

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that steals innocence and disbelieves truth

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that crushes spirits and breaks hearts

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that is overlooked and disregarded

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that is ignored and hidden away

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that judges victims and excuses offenders

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that is criminal

We make reparation O Lord.

For sin that harms the Body of Christ, the Church

We make reparation Lord.

Hear our supplication, O Lord

And show us your compassion.

Forgive the failures of your people

And show us your compassion.

(adapted from a prayer of the Australian Bishops’ Conference)

This issue of the newsletter is purposefully concentrating on communicating once again the many opportunities available to our school communities through the Marist Association’s Mission and Life Formation Team.

Sally Dillon