Newsletter 1: 5 February 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Last week, in Panama, whilst addressing young Catholics from around the globe gathered for World Youth Day, the Holy Father challenged those assembled to consider carefully the very purpose of their lives as young Christian women and men. His words challenge all Christians, and the following reflection is particularly pertinent for we Marists in these early stages of the new school year.

We are always struck by the strength of that young woman’s “yes”, the power of those words “be it done” that she spoke to the angel. This was no merely passive or resigned acceptance. It was different to a faint “yes”, as if to say, “well let’s give it a try and see what happens”. Mary did not know that expression: let’s see what happens. She was determined, she knew what was at stake and said “yes”, getting straight to the point. It was something more, something different. It was the “yes” of someone prepared to be committed, someone willing to take a risk, ready to stake everything she had, with no more security than the certainty of knowing that she was the bearer of a promise. And I ask each one you: do you see yourselves as bearers of a promise? What promise is there within my heart to take forward?

Vigil with Young People, Pope Francis 26 January 2019

With the 2019 school year now underway in all States and Territories, new and exciting opportunities beckon for staff and students in our Marist schools across the country. The first few weeks of the new school year are always filled with hope and promise, accompanied also by a degree of anxiety and uncertainty. Pope Francis reminds us that Mary provides us with the shining example of Christian discipleship, and it is determined, faith filled, and singular in purpose. In Water from the Rock, our guide to Marist spirituality, we are called to

….take our part in bringing Christ-life to the world of those whose lives we share.

As Marist educators may we, with God’s help, be bearers of the promise of Jesus to all who work and learn in our schools throughout 2019.

Sally Dillon