From Sunday to Tuesday last week the members of the Marist Association Council met at Lancefield, just outside of Melbourne for an intensive strategic planning workshop. The Councillors used the material that came from last year’s Australian Mission Assembly and the subsequent regional gatherings of Marists in Term 4, to distil a statement on the hopes and priorities for the Association from now until 2018. A draft of this document will be considered at the MSA Principals’ meeting this week at Mittagong and at next week’s Directors’ Forum in Sydney before a final version is signed off by the Council at its next meeting on 23 March.
On the first night of the strategic planning meeting, the Councillors were hosted by the boarding community and Association Members at nearby Assumption College Kilmore for Mass and dinner.
Pictured are members of the Council, some Marists from ACK, and some senior boarders at in the Marhles Restaurant at the College.

Sophie Fenaughty