MSA Publications

The first 2013 edition of the magazine LAVALLA will be published in April.  Included in the magazine will be a revised copy of The Champagnat Journal.  The latter contains a number of written articles that may be of interest to all readers, but particularly teachers.  The focus is on producing materials that may be helpful in all Marist Ministries as well as helping teachers to meet their professional reading requirements for ongoing teacher registration across the country.  The Editorial Committee for 2013 is:  Lee McKenzie (Traralgon), Br Roger Vallence (Sydney), Br Michael Green (Melbourne), Brendan Rodway (Openbook Howden Publications), Paul Herrick (Melbourne) and Br Tony Paterson (Editor: Melbourne).  

Thank you to all members of the Marist network who have already contributed to the first edition for this year.  Any further contributions or enquiries can be directed to:

Please note that the ‘cut-off’ date for the April edition is 22nd March 2013.

Mira Fraser