John Therry Catholic High School Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary


This year John Therry Catholic High School, is celebrating its 30 year anniversary.  Celebrations began at the Opening Mass on Thursday 10 February 2011.  After acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharawhal People, a ritual building of the school crest recognised the original custodians of John Therry Catholic High School, the Marist Brothers, having a blank canvas to work with as they established the school and its community.   Br Robert Speare, a member of the foundation staff, carried in a large blank canvas onto which the various elements of the crest were added, outlining the story of the hopes and dreams of all those striving to build the community throughout the 30 years of the school’s history.  Br Robert has returned this year to once again take up a teaching position at John Therry.
Following the mass, the school community continued to celebrate by recognising the 2010 High Achievers.  Students who achieved a Band 6 in both the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate were presented to the assembly and warmly congratulated by Ms Karen Young, Principal.  Both staff and students have worked very hard in the last 3 years to lift the academic profile of the school and the 2010 cohort scored the highest improvement of all of the schools in the Diocese of Wollongong.  Stephen Biviano, John Therry’s highest achiever in the 2010 HSC, gave a moving address to encourage the students to strike a balance in their lives to manage the stress of the HSC.  He also personally thanked a number of his teachers for the atmosphere that they had created in their classes that helped and encouraged him to achieve his full potential and to take into his future not only the academic lessons they gave but the many life lessons as well.  St Marcellin would have been smiling on the warm relationships that the educators at John Therry have so clearly forged to bring out the best in their students.  The morning finished with the whole community, students, staff, parents and friends praying together the school prayer.

"Lord God, you instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit. Grant us by this same spirit to know, love and relish what is right and just and to rejoice continually in your blessing"

Chris Mirabella